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Dad's Army

Set in the fictional village of Walmington-on-Sea the Home Guard unit commanded by pompous bank manager George Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe)Mainwaring & Wilson (pronounced Mannering) set their might against the threat of invasion from the German Army, the troop (all part time volunteers), who with the exception of teenager Frank Pike (Ian Lavender) were all over the hill elderly men or rejects from regular service, are the first line of defense, ill equipped but enthusiastic. Aided by his second -in-command, Chief Bank Clerk, Sgt. Arthur Wilson (John Le Mesurier), Butcher, Lance Corporal Jack Jones (Clive Dunn) and the rest of the squad Private Frazer (John Laurie) the Undertaker, Retired Gents outfitter Private Charles Godfrey (Arnold Ridley) and Local Spiv Private Joe Walker (James Beck), the squad carry out their duties with well meaning enthusiasm but leave you wondering what would happen in the event of a real invasion as everything always goes wrong.


His father was alleged to have a tailor's shop in Eastbourne but Jones, who knew Eastbourne, said that the only shop he remembered was a small gent's outfitters in a side street. He went to Eastbourne Grammer School and dreamt of being a soldier, an officer no less, but his background was hardly fitting for an officer, he therefore took up banking and finally after 12 years became an Assistant Chief Clerk in Martin's Bank. When the 1st World War broke out he thought his chance had finally arrived but was turned down due to his eyesight, after several attempts to enlist he finally was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Pioneer Corps and arrived in France 48 hours after peace was declared, too late to get a medal.
He returned to England and resumed his career, married Elizabeth and was promoted to Manager at the Walmington-on-Sea branch of Swallow Bank, he thought he had missed his chance of active service until the 2nd World War when he formed the Local Defence Volunteers later to become the Home Guard always trying out ideas which are complicated until someone comes up with a simpler idea he then says "good, I was wondering when someone would spot that", the invasion never came and once again he was denied a medal, he eventually became an Alderman of the town.


Most of his life he has relied on his relatives to get him anywhere in the world , they would have got him into Harrow but he failed the Common Entrance Exam so another relative got him into Meadowbridge a minor Public School, he failed to get into the Indian Civil Service and eventually moved into banking via another relative. Always one with an eye for the ladies he would have joined the Army as an officer but for a daliance with a chorus girl and her faulty alarm clock which made him miss the selection board interview instead he joined the lower ranks and served from 1915 - 1918.
Arthur was married briefly and has a daughter who in the WRENS, he met Mrs. Pike when he worked in Weston-super-Mare and she followed him to Walmington-on-Sea when he was promoted to First Clerk. Being a sergeant is difficult for Arthur as it involves giving orders so he is always asking the platoon if they would kindly come to attention.


Aged 70 Jack has served in the army as a boy of 15 at Khartoum, he was in General Wolseley's relief force when General Gordon was beseiged, unfortunately they arrived 2 days late. He returned to the Sudan thirteen years later with General Kitchener and fought against the Dervishes finally beating them where they gave them "the old cold steel, they don't like it up 'em, no sir, they do not like it up 'em", his favourite saying. He also served in India and then in France during the First World War, after the War he opened a butcher's shop in Walmington-on-Sea until he joined the Home Guard.


A Scotsman by birth he spent most of his life at sea where he had many adventures, he finally became the town's Undertaker, he regales the platoon with many stories of his life on his native isle of Barra in Scotland, a wild and desolate place with many hardships, and in the South Seas, normally dwelling on the tragic, "We're all doomed, doomed I tell you".


Works at the bank because he is too young to enlist and carries the platoon Tommy Gun, Frank is naive and doesn't seem to realise that Sgt Wilson spends many nights staying at Mrs Pike's house, he is always refering to scenes from films he has seen and Captain Mainwaring calls him "a stupid boy".


Served during the Second World War as a stretcher bearer in France where he received the Military Medal, he now lives with his 2 spinster sisters Dolly & Cissy, he never wears his medal as Captain Mainwaring doesn't have one and would be embarrassed. Needs to be excused frequently to go to the toilet.


Cockney wide-boy Joe can get almost anything on the "Black Market" for a price, always cracking jokes and never taking anything seriously. Always calls Frazer "Taffy" which is the slang for a Welshman.


The officious Greengrocer, always at odds with Captain Mainwaring whom he calls "Napoleon", feels he should be in charge of everything, tells everyone he'll get them arrested if they don't "Put that light out", calls the platoon "you ruddy hooligans"


The vicar of the local church, St. Aldhelms is effeminate but a man of God intent in preaching the Gospel to the local populace, a job he finds difficult in time of war especially when his office is continually being used by the Chief Warden and Capt. Mainwaring.


The Vicar's loyal assistant always listening to what the platoon is doing then running to tell the Vicar or the Chief Warden, never smiles unless he is able to try and thwart Capt.Mainwaring. Commands the local Sea Scout troop.


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