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All the characters in the series starring, Tim Healy (Dennis), Kevin Whately(Neville), Jimmy Nail(Oz), Pat Roach(Bomber), Christopher Fairbank(Moxey), Timothy Spall(Barry) and Gary Holton(Wayne).


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A Bridge too Far : Episode 1 in the third series .

Addey : Mickey Startup's henchman, Played by Alan Igbon.

A Gift from Fidel : Episode 3 in the fourth series .

A Home from Home : episode 5 in the second series.

angel sculpture at Newcastle

Alan : Vera's boyfriend. Played by Berwick Kaler.

Alice : Elderly lady at Bella Vista Hotel. Played by Peggy Shields.

A Law for the Rich : Episode 3 in the second series

Ames, Kenny : London pornographer who was a friend of Ally Fraser. Owned Thornely Manor before selling it to Ally Fraser, also owned the San Souci yacht in Marbella Harbour.

Andy: Played by Brendan Healy.

Angel : Played by Juan Maria Almonte

An Inspector Calls : Episode 6 in the third series.

Another Country : Episode 4 in the second series.

Another Country : Episode 5 in the third series.

Arizona : Home of the Chocanaw Nation who buy the transporter bridge.

Arthur : Barry's factory foreman in the import/export company. Played by Dave Atkins.

Atkinson, Terry :Schoolboy that Oz and Wayne almost kidnap. Played by Philip Parker.

Auf Wiedersehen : German for goodbye, used in the title of the series because they were going to work in Germany.

Ayatollah : Turkish worker on building site. Played by Vic Tablian.



Bainbridge Mrs : Hospital patient on Brenda's ward. : Played by Peggy Ann Wood.(see In Memorium)

Ballet Dancer : Played by Spencer Solomon

Barmaid at Club Tabu in Spennymoor : Played by Russell Barr.

Barman at Cross Keys : Played by Tim Killick.

Barman at Cuban bar : Played by Luis Pinella

Barman at Bel & Dragon in Wolverhampton : Played by Leon Nightingale.

Baz, Big : Ally's enforcer. Played by Ying Tong John.

Beattie : Old lady at Bella Vista hotel. Played by Barbara Miller.

Beco : Building site where the lads work in Dusseldorf.

Bellamy, Helen : Local resident who stops work on Thornely Manor with a preservation order. Played by Caroline Courage.

Bella Vista Hotel : Where the lads lived in Marbella while working on Ally's swimming pool.

Bennies : Nickname for the Falkland Islanders. Called after the character Benny from the T.V. programme Crossroads.

Bernie : Lorry driver whose lorry is used to bring Hedley's coffin back to Britain & smuggle Oz's porn videos. Played by Mark Penfold.

Billy : One of Ally Fraser's men. Played by Dick Irwin.

Blande, Bobby : Yacht owner used to help Ally smuggle in illegal currency. Played by Ken Wynne

Boiler : Oz's favourite word for a woman, as in "tidy boiler" or nice looking woman.

Bouncer at Cannibals Club : Played by Pete Morrison

Brian : Sunderland supporter in Belgium. Played by Phil Murray.

Bridgenorth : Demolition company set up by the lads to bring down the Transporter Bridge.

Bridging the Gap : Episode 2 in the third series.

transporter bridge

Bridge over Troubled Water: Episode 3 in the third series.

Britannia Waives The Rules : Episode 1 in the fourth series .

Bryant, Mrs. : Lady in cafe who finds Oz's poached fish in her pockets. Played by Gerri Collins.

Builder's Merchant: Played by Rod Arthur. Harry Blackburn's brother in law.

Busbridge, Brian (Bomber) : Played by Pat Roach.

Busbridge, Patsy : Bomber's wife. Played by Sheila Reid.

Busbridge, Tracy : Bomber's daughter who runs away from home to visit her dad in Germany. Played by Lucinda Edmonds.

Blackburn, Harry : the plumber who is hired to do work on Thornely Manor and has a liking for country & western music. Played by Kevin Lloyd.(see In Memorium)



Cafe owner : Where Moxey gets a lift to London. Played by John Taylor.

Carlos : Barman in the Bella Vista Hotel. Played by Joseph Long.

Carmen : Waitress at Hotel. Played by Jacqueline Torres.

Chadwick, Christine : Dennis's girlfriend in the second series. Played by Madelaine Newton (Kevin Whately's wife).

Chatterley, Joy : Older woman who Oz chatted-up in the Barley Mow. Played by Morag Hood. (see In Memorium)joy chatterley

Chatterley, Tim : Customs officer who impounded Wayne's BMW, married to Joy. Played by Nick Stringer.

Chem : Turkish worker on the site who tells Kamal that Oz is gay. Played by Lufti Oguz.

Chicken Ranch : Nevada Brothel. Visited by Dennis, Oz & Neville on their way to Vegas. See also Kelly-anne & Fran.

Chocanaw Nation : Native American tribe who want to buy the Bridge.

Christa : Office worker in Beco site office, married Wayne. Played by Lysette Anthony

Clarkson : Kenny Ames's solicitor. Played by Vass Anderson.

Clegg, Ray : Played by Michael Burns

Clement, Dick : Writer of the series with Ian La Frenais.

Cooper Martin : Windy Mesa bar owner. Played by Sammy Johnston.(see In Memorium)

Cuban guide : Played by Dolly Garcia

Colleen : Windy Mesa bar owner. Played by Kirsty Munden.

Cowan, Lennie : Played by Karl Morgan

Cowboys : Episode 5 in the second series

Crissy : Wyman's mum. Played by Sandra James-Young



Dagmar : Dennis's girlfriend in Germany, worked in the Beco building site office. Played by Brigitte Kahn.

Dangerous Liasons : Episode 5 in the fourth series .

Dawn : medicine man's pregnant Great Granddaughter Played by Misty Upham.

D.E.A. Agent : Played by Charles St. Clair.

D.E.A Captain : played by Michael O'Guinne.

Dhori : Irena's brother. Played by Aleksander Mikic.

Douglas : New tenant at Oz's house (23 Emmanuel Shinwell House) Husband of Jean. Played by Donald McBride.

Drunks outside Gay Club in Spennymoor : Played by Paul Palance & Martin McGeady.

Dusseldorf : German town where the lads all meet up and live in a hut on the Beco building site.



Elderly man in Barley Mow : Played by John C. Williams.

Eric : nickname for a German, used when the lads want to talk about a German worker.

Ernie : Sunderland supporter in Belgium. Played by Barry Scott.

Excavator Worker : Terry Gurry.

Expose : Group in Dusseldorf night-club.



Falkland Islands : Barry and Oz worked there after leaving Germany. Oz became the first civilian to be deported

falklands island penguin

Fiona : Waitress at the Cross Keys Hotel. Played by Lynne Aston.

Flint, D.I. : Policeman investigating Mickey Startup. Played by Ian Curtis.

Floor Clerk : Intercontinental Hotel staff member who challenges Barry & Wayne. Played by Kenneth Owens.

Fogarty, Francis : Alais used by Moxey.

For Better or Worse : Episode 12 in the second series

Foreman at cigarette factory : Marjorie's boss. Played by Jimmy Rushton.

Fox, Charlie : Tribal Council member. Played by Frank Soto.

Fox & Hounds Inn landlord: Played by James Warrior.

Fran : Hostess at the Chicken Ranch. Played by Pat Starr.

Fraser, Ally (alastair) : local entrepreneur that Dennis works for in Newcastle. Played by Bill Paterson.

Fuentes, Miguel : Police Chief in Marbella. Played by Ricardo Montez.



Geordie : Anyone who comes from Newcastle.

German Couple : Intercontinental Hotel room occupants who think Barry & Wayne are muggers. Played by Rosamund Attwood & Ingo Mogendorf.

German Nurses : Nurses in the ward where the lads meet Hedley. Played by Mary Zuckerman & Veronica Hyks.

German Proprietor : Owner of hotel where the lads stay on their fishing trip. Played by Leonard Fenton.

German Ward Sister: Ward Sister in german hospital where the lads meet Hedley the dying ex brit. Played by Sylvia Rotter.

German TV reporter : Interviews Neville after he finds a bomb. Played by Corinna Schnabel.

German workers on site: Played by Richard Mitchley & Seamus O'Neill.

Girl at Harry Blackburn's Country & Western Pub: Played by Gina McKee

Gleeson : Played by Thomas Wheatley

Gloria : Gloria Hunniford in cameo role as herself.

Granger, Jeffrey : Member of Parliament that Oz meets in prison who offers him the job of pulling down the Transporter Bridge for the Haversham Consortium. Played by Bill Nighy.

Grunwald, Herr : German building site manager. Played by Michael Sheard.

Gupta : Newcastle taxi company owner who Dennis works for in the third series Played by Badi Uzzaman.

Gus : Old mate of Oz's who they meet in Russia and learn of O.E.D. work. Played by Gary Lammin



Hallwood, Malcolm : Lawyer who works for Ally. Played by James Bate.(see In Memorium)

Hasta la vista : episode 9 in the second series.

Hathaway, Gary : American Lawyer. Played by Corey Johnston.

Hateley, Andy : Middlesbrough Detective Inspector sent to America to arrest Moxey. Played by Richard Ridings.

Haversham Consortium : Company headed by Lord Wharfdale who want to pull the transporter bridge down.

Hawkeye : Sarcastic name given to Oz by Moxey after he fell asleep on sentry duty at Ally's villa.

Heavy Metal : Episode 2 in the third series.

Hedley: Dying Brit in german hospital. Played by Des Young.

Heidi : Waitress in Dusseldorf night-club. Played by Oona Kirsch.

Helmut : German co-worker, Played by Lex Van Delden.

Helmut's dad : Played by William Merrow.

Helmut's mother : Played by Irene Prador.(see In Memorium)

Helmut's Wife : Played by Susie Breakell.

Hilton, Bob : Brother in law of Hedley the dying ex soldier. Played by James Ottoway.

Hilton, Mabel : Wife of Bob and sister of Hedley the dying ex soldier. Played by Norah Fulton.

Home Thoughts from Abroad : Episode 5 in the first series.

Hope, Neville : Played by Kevin Whateley.neville

Hope, Brenda : Neville's wife . Played by Julia Tobin.

Hope, Debbie : Neville's daughter. Played by Catherine Whatley his real life daughter in the second series and by Danielle Davison in the third series.

Hope, Fiona : Neville's second daughter. Played by Bridie Hales in the third series .

Hope, Calista : Neville's 3rd daughter. Named because Brenda was a big fan of T.V. programme Ally McBeal.

Hustler : Street Salesman. Played by Gilberto Hernandez




If I were a Carpenter : Episode 1 of the first series.

Indian Waiter : Rashid Karapiet.

Indian Waiter : Ahmed Khalil.

Ingham D.I. : Policeman investigating Mickey Startup. Played by Alan Stowe.

Irena : Played by Zelda Tinski.

Irena's mate : Played by Ivana Basic.

Irishman : Dealer in illegal passports. Played by Walter McMonagle.

Ives : Police Sergeant in village near Thornely Manor. Played by Martin Mathews.



Jean : Wife of Douglas, the new tenant of Oz's house. Played by Denise Welch (Tim Healy's wife).

Jessop : Gamekeeper employed by Sir James Palmer. Played by William Symons.

Judge in Arizona Court : Played by Heather Robbins.

Jurgen: Dusseldorf porn merchant whose house is visited by Oz, Barry & Moxey. Played by Aubrey Woods.






Kadi : Barry's brother-in-law. Played by Dragan Milanovic.

Kamal : Turkish massage parlour owner in Dusseldorf. Played by Kevork Malikyam

Kelly-Anne : Hooker at Chicken Ranch. Played by Larissa Murray.

Kids outside pub in Middlesbrough : Played by Michael Jeevers & Paul Maynell.

Kurt, Herr : Barman in local club in Germany. Played by Ray Knight.




La Frenais, Ian : Writer of the series with Dick Clement.

Lane, Heather : Government official who recruits Neville into being a spy. Played by Sara Stewart

Latham, L/Cpl Colin : Army deserter the lads befriend on a fishing trip. Played by Ray Winston.

Law and Disorder : Episode 11 in the second series.

Lawrence, Det.Sgt Barry : Policeman from London investigating the sale of Thornely Manor. Played by Kevin Doyle. See also Morriss D.I.

Leather, Terry : London villian living in exile in Marbella. Played by Eric Mason.

Lecturer : Holds women's empowerment seminar attended by Brenda. Played by Lorelei King

Lev : Kadi's pilot friend who smuggled dope hidden inside Lada cars which were supposed to be for restoration. Played by Petar Vidovic.

Lionel : "The Office" bar owner in Marbella where all the villians hang out. Played by Dave Carter.

Linda : Girl hitchiker picked up by Wayne on his way to Barry's house in Wolverhampton. See also Pippa

Lorraine : Neville's secretary at Nevenda Homes. Played by Liz White.

Lorry driver : Offers Moxey a lift to London. Played by Jeff Hall.

Love and Other Four Letter Words : Episode 12 in the first series.




Maison Andre: Beauty parlour where Ally Fraser's girlfriend Vicki worked as a beautician.

Maitre d' at Cross Keys : Played by Nicholas Lumley.

Marbella : Where Ally lives in Spain

Marjorie Don't Live Here Anymore : episode 8 in the second series.

Mathis, Agent : FBI Agent giving Barry a Polygraph test. Played by Adam Long.

McGowan : Fellow worker in Germany who enjoys getting drunk and fighting. Played by Michael Elphick(see In Memorium)McGowan

McGuirke : "The Ghost" - a tramp who slept at Thornely Manor. Played by Paddy Joyce.(see In Memorium)

Medicine Man : Played by Saginaw Grant.

Miramar Hotel : Hotel in Marbella, Spain where the lads were going to live while building Ally's swimming pool.

Moonlighting : Episode 4 in the fourth series .

Morriss, D.I. : Policeman from London investigating the sale of Thornely Manor. Played by Anthony Dutton.

Moxey, Albert Arthur : Played by Christopher Fairbank.

Mulcahy, Brendan : Irish alais used by Moxey.

Myles, Nicki : Reporter investigating the use of illegal foreign workers. Played by Ruth Millar.



Neighbour : lives next door to Neville. Played by Belinda Chapman

Newcastle (upon Tyne) : City in north east England, home of Dennis, Oz and Neville. see also Geordie.

News Reporters : T.V. report on demolition of the Transporter Bridge. Played by Carol Malia and John Lawrence.

Nijmigen : Dutch town where Dennis, Oz and Neville first meet Barry and Wayne and get jobs from Herr Pfister.

Norris, Wayne Winston : played by Gary Holton.(see In Memorium)

Norris, Wyman : Wayne's son (conceived after a Madness concert), who joins the lads in series three. Played by Noel Clarke.

No Sex Please, We're Brickies : Episode 7 in the second series.




Olive : Barmaid at the Captain Cook pub. Played by Veronica Twidle.

Ortiz, Ofelia : Ballet dancer with whom Oz falls in love. Played by Josefina Gabrellia

Osbourne, Leonard Jeffrey : "Oz" played by Jimmy Nail (Real name - James Michael Aloyious Bradford )

Osbourne, Marjorie : Oz's wife who he abandons in Newcastle. Played by Su Elliott.

Osbourne, Rod : Oz's son in Newcastle Played by Barry Hollinshead in the second series and by Mark Stobart in the third series.

Our Men In Havana : Episode 2 in the fourth series .

Oxlade, Geoffrey : British ex-pat living in Marbella who finds 7 Brits in his swimming pool. Played by Patrick Godfrey.

Oxlade, Pauline : Wife of Geoffrey. Played by Georgine Anderson.



Paddy : One of Ally Fraser's henchmen: Played by Billy Geraghty.

Palmer, Celestia : Wife of Sir James. Played by Sarah Neville.

Palmer Henry : Young son of Sir James. Played by Thomas Bradford-Jones (Jimmy Nail's son).

Palmer, Sir James : Local landowner on whose land Oz and Barry were poaching. Played by David Neville

Patterson, Angela : Dennis's daughter. Played by Lisa Whyte.


Patterson, Dennis L. : Played by Tim Healy.

Patterson, Kevin : Dennis's son. Played by Leigh Proud.

Patterson, Norma : Dennis's married sister (married name unknown). Played by Val McLane (Oz's real life sister).

Patterson, Vera : Dennis's wife. Played by Caroline Hutchison.(see In Memorium)caroline hutchison

Paulie : Lanie's son ( Joe's Grandson) who sees the Bridge advert on the Internet. Played by Mato Cook.

Payne, Sid : Newspaperman investigating the alleged Sheffield payroll robbers. Played by Kenny Ireland.

Pearce, Tarquin : Neville's contact at Cuban Embassy. Played by Alexander Hanson

Pee-wee : girl at party in Thornely Manor who befriended Arthur Pringle. Played by Jilly Johnston.

Pet : Affectionate Geordie term for a person.

Pfister, Herr : German contract agent who pays the lads their wages each week. Played by Heinz Bernard.

Pippa : Girl hitchiker picked up by Wayne on his way to Barry's house in Wolverhampton. See also Linda

Policeman in Newcastle station toilets : John Cusworth.

Platt, Teddy ( Edward Arthur) : Hitman sent by Mickey Startup to kill Moxey. Played by Joe Renton.

Platt, Mrs : Teddy's mother. Played by Mary Cunningham

Pringle, Arthur : Landlord of the Barley Mow. Nick-named Tiger, Happy Harry the Wing Co. or Baconballs. Played by Bryan Pringle.(see In Memorium)

Pringle, Carole : Daughter of Arthur Pringle. Played by Catherine Rabett

Private Lives : Episode 7 in the first series.

Proudfoot, Lainie : Joe's step-daughter and Tribal Council member. Played by Georgina Lightning.

Pub Landlord : Played by Neil Armstrong.

Purser : asks Oz to leave Bankok plane. Played by Tim Griggs

Punshon : Revenue assessor who tries to value Thornely Manor. Played by Derek Watson.



Quince : Local redneck in Windy Mesa bar. Played by John Quern.

Quo Vadis Pet : Episode 13 in the second series.



Radcliffe, Howard : Architect who draws up the plans for Thornely Manor. Nicknamed "hedgehog" by Oz. Played by John Bowler.

Rampton, Tommy : Drug dealer in Newcastle. Played by Paul Loughran.

Receptionist at Drayford Manor : Hotel that Barry takes Joe to stay in on his arrival in Middlesbrough. Played by Eleanor Montgomery.

Receptionist : at Christine Chadwick's hotel. Played by Terri Holmes

Receptionist : at London hotel. Played by Amanda Daniels

Receptionist : at Cannibals Club. Played by Anne Miles

Redfern, Susan Hazel : Barry's fiancee in Wolverhampton. Married Barry at the end of series 2 (Episode 13) See also Taylor, Hazel. Played by Melanie Hill.

Reporter : Played by Allan Powell

Ribrov, Sergei : Russian house owner who is assassinated. Played by Yuri Stepanov

Roddam, Franc : Creator of the series.

Room Service Waitress : At the Intercontinental Hotel . Played by Jenny-Clare Hargreaves. (Comedienne Jenny Eclair)

Rosa : Cuban servant. Played by Maria Christina Camilo

Russell : Holiday rep at Bella Vista Hotel. Played by Paul Anthony-Barber.

Russell : Site Foreman on Newcastle building site. Played by Robert Blevins.




Sandro : Italian waiter who lived with Marjorie. Played by Vincenzo Nicoli

Sarah : Jeffrey Grainger's Personal Assistant. Played by Emily Bruni.

Saugus, Joe : Native American who comes to Middlesbrough to buy the Transporter Bridge. Played by Gordon Tootoosis

Saugus, Chip : Joe's son who heads a team of hi-rise constuction workers. Played by Jon Proudstar.

Scott-Johns, Pru : Official at Cuban Embassy. Played by Caroline Harker

Security Man : Played by Maurice Phillips

Security Guard at Middlesborough site : Played by Vin Welch, (Tim Healy's father-in-law).

Sherman, Jen : Played by Phillipa Waller

Sherman, Stuart : Played by Crispin Bonham-Carter

Shop Assistant : at Newcastle boutique. Played by Robert Smeaton

Spanish Barman at Marbella Club Hotel : Played by Arturo Venegas.

Stalag 17 : Hut in Germany.

Startup, Mickey : Night club owner and importer of illegal immigrants. Played by Michael Angelis

Steelworker in Vegas : Played by Ernest Tsosi.

Stephano, Prince : Italian yacht owner in Marbella. Played by Stephen Grief.

Steve : Played by Allan Mechen.

Suit 1 : Escorts Oz off the plane. Played by Vic Gardiner

Suit 2 : Escorts Oz off the plane. Played by Trevor Steedman

Suspicion : Episode 4 in the first series.

Syd : Moxey's fellow prisoner in the open prison. Played by Stephen Crane.




Taylor, Hazel : See Redfern, Hazel

Taylor, Tatiana : Barry's second wife in the third series.

Taylor, Barry Spencer : Played by Timothy Spall.

Tina : Played by Zoe Eeles

The Accused : Episode 6 in the first series.

The Alien : Episode 9 in the first series.

The End of the Affair : Episode 6 in the fourth series .

The Fugitive : Episode 8 in the first series.

The Girls they Left Behind : Episode 3 in the first series.

The Lovers : Episode 11 in the first series.

The Return of the Seven Part One : Episode 1 in the second series.

The Return of the Seven Part Two : Episode 2 in the second series.

Townley Cres. (15) : Barry's house in Wolverhampton.

Thornely Manor : Large country house in Derbyshire, once owned by Kenny Ames, that the lads renovate for Ally Fraser.

Trasker, Erica : Evan's wife. Played by Alison King

Trasker, Evan : Foreman at Cuban Embassy. Played by Simon Kunz

Travis : Local redneck in Windy Mesa bar. Played by James Oscar Lee.

Treadaway, Mr. : Officious patron of the Cross Keys. Played by Victor Langley.

Trevor : Barry's building apprentice. Played by Simon Smith.

Turkish Worker going for a shower: Played by Tony Aleff.

Turnbull, Gary : Official at Cuban Embassy. Played by Clive Russell



Uli : hostess in massage parlour.

Ullrich, Herr : German building site foreman. Played by Peter Birch.



Vandal: Beco building site hooligan who spray-paints slogans on the walls. Played by Robin Hayter.

Vanes, Colin : Boss at O.E.D. office who hires the lads to work in Cuba. Played by Dominic Jephcott

VAT Lady : Investigator from the tax office. Played by Lynne Verrall.

Vicky : Ally Fraser's girlfriend. Played by Lesley St. John.




Waiter : Club waiter where Brenda meets Marjorie for the first time. Played by Ralph Watson.

Wendy : Girlfriend of Martin Cooper at Cannibals Club. Played by Shainey Karn

Wendy's Friend : at Cannibals Club. Played by Denise Bryson

Wharfdale, Lord : Member of the Haversham Consortium.

Wheeler, Nick : Newspaper reporter who believes the lads are payroll robbers from Sheffield. Played by Stephen Tiller.

When the Boat Goes Out : Episode 13 in the first series.

Who Won The War Anyway? : Episode 2 in the first series.

Williams, Ronnie : Newspaperman investigating the alleged Sheffield payroll robbers. Played by Bernard Martin.






Yorgo : Boss of illegal labourers. Played by John Kazek.

Young Couple at Cross Keys : Indignant couple who want the lads thrown out of the Cross Keys. Played by Lacey Morgan & Ian Dickens.




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